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Monday, January 6, 2014

Praying for Our Children - Make it a habit

I love Meghan’s blog last week on Praying for Our Children.  It is so important.  I made a habit of praying over my children at night, after story time, when they went to bed.  As a result, they heard me praying over them.  I remember when one of my son’s was about 6, his grandparents were at our home taking care of our boys while we were out of town.  My son proudly told his grandmother that his mom prayed over them every night.  WOW!  That really touched my heart.  It meant something to that little boy that his mom took time to pray over him. 

Why take the time? Besides the impact it has on your children by setting that example, you are positively impacting their spirit, their mind, and their self esteem. Praying God’s Word is a positive way to encourage them.  They know they are important to you and to God.

What do you pray?  Meghan gave a great example of praying scripture over your children.  Praying God’s Word is the absolute best.   You can also find other prayers in various books.  I used “Prayers that Avail Much” by Germaine Copeland and Stormie OMaritian’s “Power of a Praying Parent”.  I recently purchased one of Stormie’s new books for my niece called: “Prayers and Promises for My Little Girl”.  Stormie’s books can be found at the local grocery store, Amazon, and on her website:   You may even find these books at your local library. 

One of the prayers I prayed over my sons was this simple prayer:
"Lord, I pray (child’s name) loves you with all their heart, their soul, their mind, and their strength. That they will realize how much you love them; that they hear your voice, and will follow you. I pray they are slow to speak, slow to anger, quick to forgive, quick to repent, and quick to extend mercy.  Bless them with sweet sleep, in Jesus Name.  Amen."

Have a blessed week.  Happy New Year!


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