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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Developing Good Habits: Thoughtfulness

I really enjoyed Pat's post about developing good habits within our children. It gives us the opportunity as parents to truly examine the habits we ourselves have and if our children have picked up on those habits.

Before Christmas, at my son's school, they had a "Good Deed Christmas Tree". Each time a teacher saw a child doing a good deed, they would write the child's name and good deed action onto an ornament shaped piece of paper and attach it to the tree. My son really enjoyed it so we have implemented it into our lives at home. I have snowflake cutouts for the month of January and each time I catch him doing a good deed, then he gets a snowflake hung on the door frame.

This is helping him understand the difference between responsibility (cleaning up his own toys, messes, personal care, etc), favors (when I ask him to do a task) and a good deed (thoughtfully seeing something that needs to be done and taking action). I have noticed him becoming much more thoughtful of others, which is so great.

The next step will be teaching him that most good deeds in life will go unnoticed by the majority of society but it is our call from Christ to help others. And to also help him grasp that Christ sees all that we do. Or don't do.

Many blessings during this time of cold weather. Stay warm!

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