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Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Scrub Brush

I don’t know about you but cleaning the house sure has been tough since baby #2 came along in January. Two kids has been such a challenge for me and alot of my chores haven’t been getting done. Every day I look at my shower and know that it really really really needs a good scrub. I put my scrub brush by the shower sill and said, “Ok, I have got to scrub this shower once the kids go to bed tonight. That’s all I’ll do and then it will be done.” That night rolled around and I was so tired that I completely forgot to scrub the shower. Fast forward to the next morning and I realized that the scrub brush was sitting there while I was in the shower. I grabbed it, squeezed a ton of shower gel on it and went to work. Yes, I cleaned my shower walls with berry scented shower gel. And ya know what? They looked pretty good and smelled great! Life can be like that. Sometimes you don’t have all the right tools but you make do with what you’ve got and the results can be wonderful. It wasn’t my perfect plan and I didn’t have all the right tools but the end result was the same: a clean shower. 

Thought for the week: Since the beginning of time, God has blessed mothers with the ability to get the job done using whatever we have on hand. It may not be our "standard of perfection" but the results are what counts.   We don't have to do everything perfectly to be good moms.  Our children love us anyway and so does God!


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